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So recently Kenji bought a brand new expensive shiny camera. Don’t ask me what kind, it just has a lot of zeros attached to its name. D-3000? Z-7000? DX-One Million? Anyway, so he was thinking of selling his old one, but he suggested I try it out. And now he’s not getting it back.

THANKS FOR MY NEW CAMERA KENJI! (Imagine him giving me a look right now.)

So we took it out for a spin on our Friday holiday the last week in April, right in time for the Fuji… to mostly not be in bloom. Well, guess you can’t have it all!

Indian food the week before. Yuuuuuuuummmmmmm. I had gotten my new iPhone recently too, maybe the week before?

Shrine behind the restaurant

Oh, btw, I finally got my license! And I only failed TWICE! (Trust me, that is actually really good. One of the guys was on his eighth try, another on her twelfth. And I’ve heard as high as thirty!)

And here we go, Fuji.

Now, I warn you, a lot of this was just playing around with the camera and Kenji’s lenses. So many of the shots are pretty similar, but I had a lot of fun learning some things!

We switched cameras here… I wanted to play with the macro lens, he stuck the wide lens on my camera.

Just by changing some settings, the mood really changes!

This area was especially pretty

More pics