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Iiiiiiiit’s that time again! It is Sakura season in Japan, and while the partying that usually goes on this time of year has been cut back significantly, people are still taking the time to get out and smell the, well, cherry blossoms!

Although to be fair, I should really start with the plums first…

Hey, how did these get in here?

Well now we’re just getting ridiculous.

Okay, well now here we… THOSE AREN’T EVEN FLOWERS! A very delicious hanami lunch however, I might say!

AHA! They finally show!

Awww, the whole gang.

Plus a frog.

And a marriage proposal.

And some pretty flow…. wait a second. MARRIAGE PROPOSAL?!?

Well, yes. During our hanami party at Nanakoshinyama, Brandt and Mizuki went for a little walk and came back engaged. Only none of us believed them. Mizuki had this giant plastic diamond that fit two of the fingers (the ring hadn’t arrived from Hawaii yet), and they were nonchalant about the whole thing, so everyone shrugged it off until it came up again about an hour later, to which a lot of EEEEHHHHH?!?!’s rang out. They really got engaged!

Well, that called for CELEBRATION! …after we found more cherry blossoms.

Mini-koshinyama, as it is known to us at least.

Here we go… PARTIRE style dessert, yuuuuuum!

Other than that, hanami this year was pretty uneventful. Some more pictures:

Flowers and wheat fields on my way home from school

Also on the same road, a really pretty shrine!

Mini-koshinyama at another time

My elementary school

Later blooming varieties

And koi-no-bori on a cloudy day wraps that up.

Thanks for watching! Perhaps sake will be involved next year.