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After the earthquake, things were quite subdued in general. Lots of the parties and enkais were called off, and with everyone working to save power, the school was often miserably cold. That said, we still found fun things to do here and there.

A few days after the earthquake, Kenji and I went to our trusty Flea Market in Saitama. Getting up early is difficult on a Sunday morning, but I felt like I struck kimono gold this time around, so I wasn’t complaining! I had fun modeling the kimono for my own amusement!

The flea market, specifically, the kimono area. Yeaaahhhh.

These are the “good” ones… the poses just got weirder from there on out.

And then, some school events: (VERY VERY COLD School Events)

The ending ceremony for the year. With one whole grade gone, the school looked so small!

And just a short week later, at the beginning of April, the entrance ceremony for the brand new incoming class. I know all the kids from teaching them in elementary school, but it was funny to see them all serious in their too-big uniforms!

Those same kids made this for me as a “thank you”, awwww! So cute!