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Just catching up on some random stuff from May and June. First up is more wisteria pictures! Are you tired of these yet? Also, I got a wisteria yukata, a personal goal of mine. I have a different obi for it now, green instead of gold, but you get the picture:

I love fuji season!

My Wisteria yukata!

Next up is Mizuki’s birthday! We had a fun little get-together at Scott’s house. Everybody brought food, and we just socialized and enjoyed ourselves!

Lots of goofy pictures were taken… and Katsu’s chicken avocado rolls were the best!

Mizuki and her cake!

Lastly, we went up to a more remote area of Fujioka called Hino, where they were having a firefly (hotaru) festival! We went super early though, and didn’t end up staying long. It was pretty muddy and rainy unfortunately!


Rainy scenery, but nice and green!

The kids bringing around the hotaru floats (mikoshi)

Close up of the mikoshi, so cute!

The path to see the hotaru, waaaaay too early to actually see anything!

But they had some in a box to release, so we at least saw a few!