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The weekend after we came back from Tohoku, Brandt and Mizuki asked if we wanted to visit Mt. Akagi’s shrine. It is apparently famous for couples, and since they are recently engaged, they wanted to see it and get a few charms. We made a day of it, first stopping for lunch at a famous restaurant, then heading up the mountain for a few hours. Mt. Haruna’s shrine will always be my favorite, but Akagi’s is nice too!

Tonton Hiroba, a famous pork restaurant on the way to Akagi

They have several pet pigs around. Pigs really smell. This one was kinda cute though!

And very delicious! (Sorry piggy) (Kenji’s picture)

Next we drove to the shrine. It is on an island/peninsula type thing on Akagi Lake. It was my first time to come to Akagi!

Group picture #1! (Kenji’s picture)

People were feeding fish. Mizuki and I spent several minutes rooting for the white one.

Kenji setting up for the group picture.

Group picture #2! (Aaand Kenji’s picture again)

The torii gate

Lanterns lead the way

Wash your hands here

I love the colors!

The shrine proper… the same startling red as the bridge!

Awwwww (Kenji’s pictures)

Ducks came to fight the fish for food.

Food and a very visible white fish

After that we went to the other side of the lake for a different view

And decided we just had to take a boat out! I really wanted the cute lady bug ones, but we only fit in the big swans. Next time?

Getting in… girls in front (doing all the work), boys in back (relaxing)

After the swan boats, we grabbed snacks and called it a day. Another fun day of Gunma Appreciation!