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The weekend after the Shinmachi Fireworks, we went to my birthplace, Yokota Airbase in Fussa, Tokyo, for their annual friendship festival. We decided to take the train there so we could maybe spend some time in Tokyo after, but first we went strait to the festival.

Oh. My. Goodness it was crowded! I think this year broke all previous records! We got to hear English everywhere, ate American food, and had a good time, and then we met Katsu there (he works on the base), and he offered to drive us home along with Sayuka and Sakura, who we also met there. It was a great day, but I will be more prepared for the crowds next time, and also bring American money!

By the way, I didn’t take any pictures at all and left it all up to Kenji, so all of these are Kenji’s pictures! (He gets annoyed if I don’t give him credit ;D)

The train station… SO CROWDED!

In the giant hanger on base

Grabbing some Chili’s ribs… we couldn’t stop singing the baby back ribs song…

Very American Beer.

Oh man. I want one more bite… *mouth watering*

Lots of cool airplanes to see. Many of them you could climb in and look around

There is a line to get into the cockpit though

Hey Katsu!

Sitting in a helicopter with the pilots, and Sakura with the helmet. I made Kenji take one together too.

Sakura and the mini-car

Mmmmm meeeeeaaatttt

This was the Best. Funnel Cake. I have EVER. HAD. OMG I wanted another one but the line was long. I’m going back next year just for that!

It wasn’t a very long day, minus the train there and car ride back, but the FOOD! Oh man. Worth it.