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The next weekend was a BBQ for our basketball group:

Loooooooots of food!

Some candid pictures… I need to grab more from Kenji!

The weekend after, we went with Katsu to the beach. We got up SUPER early, so I slept most of the way. It was a pretty long drive, but we enjoyed it once we got there! The water wasn’t too super cold, so while Katsu surfed, I played in the waves. Everyone else decided to stay dry, lol!

Throwing the ball around

Mizuki looking chilly

It warmed up and turned out really nice


More beach pics

Brandt and Mizuki watching the surfers

We teased Katsu about his baywatch poses

Dinner was in the area, with some nice sunset pics!

Me on a giant anchor

After that we hit an onsen, then Katsu drove back to Gunma. It was super late when we got in, but it was a fun trip. I want to go in summer when it is warmer so everyone will swim!