This year, ECC asked us to come along on their annual Tokyo Disney Land&Sea trip to help on the bus. I had been wanting to go back anyway, so it was pretty easy to convince Kenji to go.

The buses in the morning and Kenji sleeping on the bus

Tokyo Disney Sea.. it was the 10th anniversary!

Our really awesome but kinda (very) expensive lunch on the big boat

We were starving by that point

That’s us!

Mmmm popcorn

We found this hilarious

Waiting for one of the rides

A goofy hat I didn’t buy (I tried to get Kenji to buy it with no luck)

And a goofy hat I did buy! Whee!

Night was very nice!

… and then Kenji decided to go on the Tower of Terror ride. Oh boy. Not so nice after that. I look happy in that picture! It is disguising the terror and me trying to keep my stomach where it is supposed to be (i.e. in my stomach, and not flying up out of my mouth, ugh.)

Kenji had a blast, too.