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On the anniversary of the Earthquake, 3/11, our basketball group had a big Bowling Taikai (Tournament) in Honjou. Although it was a sad day in terms of remembrance of the events exactly one year ago, it was also a time to have some fun and prove that life goes on and there is joy in it! We had a fun time, even if I suck terribly at bowling, and afterward went out with everyone to eat and drink and be merry.

Getting there and signing up. We were all assigned to both lanes and teams; the members of each team would combine their points in the end to see who won the contest!


A few candid pictures… I think people kept stealing Kenji’s camera!

My one and only strike!

At the end, announcing the winners. Hiro was overall the bowler with the highest number of points, and Team Two (not me!) won the money! I came in last. Haha, go ahead, I know you wanna laugh.

Group Picture!

And at the end of a fun day!

All Photo Credits to Kenji.