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For the first time in 3 years, I went home for Christmas, and Kenji came to visit too. It was a pretty long vacation, and hectic and busy, but it was so wonderful to spend Christmas back home! You can’t beat family, friends, and food!

My birthday was during the trip, so Kenji and I had a small celebration the weekend before. I wish this picture wasn’t blurry, but these were the gifts I got from everyone!

The first few days were just with Mom, Mason, and Tasha until Curtis, Brenna, and Makaira, and Kenji flew in. Mmmm hummus!

The tree, with antlers. They were my idea!

Once everyone came in, the next day was our family Christmas in the evening. I was able to visit with Mary, and come home in time for everything.

Kasey made it down too!

Present time!

The next day we caravanned to Newton for the big family Christmas. Curtis and Brenna, as well as me and Kenji, were all a surprise for everyone, although some people suspected Curtis and Brenna at least would come!

Lots of hugging, and so many people!

Family pictures (plus Aryah!)

After the weekend spent there, we headed back to Houston and had another night before Curtis and Brenna left back for Florida, and Kenji and I drove to Austin.

I like this picture!

Now in Austin

Of course, I got my Musashino and Momoko fix, and we got to do some fun things in Austin!

Sadly the Trail of Lights wasn’t run this year, but the Tree was there, so we went and spun underneath it. I love doing that!

The next day we went to San Antonio

We ate Mexican food, shopped a bit, saw the Alamo…

And of course rode a boat on the river and visited the riverwalk! It was rainy in the evening though, unfortunately, but it was still great!

After that was a few relaxing days of home-cooked meals and Rudy’s BBQ etc!

And walking around the area and Zilker taking pictures

Christmas Eve lobsters

Christmas morning

And Tara!

Christmas evening, I drove Kenji back to Houston for his flight, and then had a few more days with everyone in Houston before flying back. It was so great to see everyone!!