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The Monday after the bowling Taikai was my school’s Graduation Ceremony. Like last year, I wore Ko-furisode and Hakama to the ceremony. The next day was a holiday, so that evening we also had an enkai party with all the teachers.

The gym decorated for the ceremony

The 3rd graders file in by class

Names are called and they get their certificates, then a lot of speeches

After the ceremony, taking pictures with my Principal and one of the teachers

Tea with a pickled sakura flower and lunch! Usually lunch is super fancy, but because the party was going to be more expensive than usual, they opted for a cheap lunch.

The parents and third year students milling around and saying goodbyes. Love the moms who come in kimono!

A board with goodbyes and third year stuff.

Kenji doesn’t have half-day Fridays anymore, so the day of the graduation I didn’t get any pics of my outfit. So a few weeks on a nice day later I dressed back up to go take some pictures around the house! These are all by Kenji, of course!

At my local shrine

Pretty daffodils… I really like the second picture a lot!

And out by the river

Aaaand that’s it!