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The first weekend in March we decided to make a spur-of-the-moment day trip to Tokyo for fun. I wanted to see some plums, and Kenji wanted to check out the big motorcycling shops in Ueno and also see the Sky Tree. We didn’t make it to the Sky Tree, but we still had a fun trip!

We started out with a rapid train, and lo and behold, who do we meet but Meg and Dragon with all the kids! So we sat next to them and chatted the ride down.

After we got to Shinjuku there was quite a commotion on the platform… a limited train running today? I guess so, but was a Gunma train and looked normal to me! Kenji had fun taking pictures of the people taking pictures.

We walked around Shinjuku looking for a place to eat and came across a cute kitty!

Beer for lunch! (Not only beer.)

We stopped off at our favorite watch place in Shinjuku, where I found a nice new watch! Since it was close to White Day anyway, Kenji bought it for me šŸ™‚ We kept asking each other, “What time is it?” just so I could have an excuse to pull it out and look at it! It is an automatic, so my first automatic watch! They are pretty cool.

Then we headed to a shrine on the Chuo line famous for plum blossoms.

Lots of plum motifs everywhere

The shrine is one of the education ones, so students write their wishes to pass their tests on the ema boards and tie them up, which results in this interesting bulging… pile? I guess… of ema. I always keep mine.

Anyway, the day was really nice and there were a lot of nice plums blooming!

Everyone enjoyed the weather!

I had to get my shuuin book done, of course

And then we browsed around the stalls for a bit.

This one was really cool, a sort of caramel cookie. Kenji took these pictures, and also a video of them being made:

(Click to view)

So those were the plums!

After that it was shopping at the motorcyle stores and getting kebabs in Ueno, then heading home. All in all a good day!