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Kenji’s cousin Shoko, after coming with her boyfriend to our house for snowboarding, invited us to Yokosuka’s cherry blossom festival. Since her boyfriend works on base, he is able to bring people in, which meant we wouldn’t have to wait in any lines or anything. Since it was a good opportunity, we accepted and went for a day trip out to Yokohama.

Transferring in Yokohama. Kenji spent about 10 minutes taking pictures of pigeons. I don’t know.

Taking a picture of me in between pigeon pictures

Me in Yokohama Station. He just said “stay there!” so I stayed.

Train to Yokosuka and Yokosuka station

Is this a duck?

Walking to the base, the storm clouds were rather threatening…

Pics from on base

First on the agenda was different styles of beer/alcohol

Then… why yes, that is bbq! Yes please!

Everyone enjoyed them.

Then more beer

Then walking around

Boats. Typical for a Navy Base, I guess.

Then a little shopping in the navy store, which was weird because it was like being back in the US


And finally, back to the train station.

It was a fun day! (And once again, credit for about half of these to Kenji)