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November was a busy month! First up was Design Festa in Tokyo:

In Tokyo… Katsu came and led us to a fun Ramen restaurant in Shibuya

At Design Festa in Odaiba with lots of other people!

All sorts of art and artists, crammed together

This was the year of beautiful Japanese kanzashi, or hair ornaments. I bought a lot for my kimono!

Odaiba afterward, a neat shrine somewhere at night, and fun with food at dinner!

The next Tuesday night was the annual Mishima shrine festival. Our friend Katayama-sensei always invites us to his house, along with some of his friends (and one of my coworkers!).

One of the teachers I work with, and his son

Food and things to buy. We saw a TON of current and former students!

Fireworks and lanterns

I think they were listening to enka on my iphone or something…

After that was the Coco Wine Festival, also an annual event, except this year the weather just did NOT cooperate, and so we left early.

Arriving in the wet and cold

At least the wine is good!

But yeah, just not a good day to go sit outdoors on a hill!

And finally, Kenji’s motorcycle!