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This is kinda a catch all post for some of the things we did January through March that aren’t really big enough to have their own post (or I don’t have enough pictures for a separate post!) So this is going to kinda jump around a bit.

The first is Fujioka’s snow day. These aren’t too common, and this was a big one! Kita’s school grounds looked really nice in the snow… and I was happy I didn’t have to bike to school in the snow!

Next up is our girls class. Momoko, Izumi, and the new baby Wakaba are all studying English!

Mmmm. Food.

Soon after that was a Mochi-making party. First you steam the rice, then you grind and finally pound it in that huge tree stump thingy.

After a time it looks like this, all stuck together, and you can eat it plain, wrap red bean paste in it, or dip it in sauces. Since it is homemade it doesn’t last very long, and is really filling being made of rice, but it is always fun to make!

My turn! The second picture is actually a video, so click to view!

After that was Shinmachi’s Hina Matsuri (doll festival) events. The special building was opened to house several donated collections of the Hina Matsuri dolls, and you could walk around the area to several stores who were participating for special deals and stuff.

All the dolls together was really impressive!

Even the small collections.

Indian restaurant buffet in Honjou we always go to. I like shopping at all the recycle shops in that area, too!

Snowy mountains on a clear day

This year was the year of motorcycling! We both had to buy clothes for it, but I really like my jacket! And Kenji is happy too!