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Our snowboarding this year was really quite disappointing. We usually manage at least 6 or 7 times in a season, but this year we only went three times. I guess neither of us were really in the mood for going, and with Brandt and Mizuki’s wedding coming up, neither of them were joining us, so there wasn’t much incentive. Also, all three times we went we had guests from Tokyo come in, so it was exhausting and took up the whole weekend. Maybe next year will get better. Anyway, the three trips:

First up was Iwappara, which was just as cold and snowy as the last year we went! Yushi came up from Tokyo and spent the night, and we met Katsu and friends as well.

The second trip was Maiko, and Yushi drove up from Tokyo again.

The weather wasn’t too bad here

I was able to take some pics of the actual snowboarding too

And Kenji falling asleep at lunch

Last up was Ishiuchi, on a particularly bad weather day. This time Kenji’s cousin Shoko and her boyfriend came up from Yokohama. Unfortunately, neither of them had ever snowboarded before, and it was a rather bad day for learning, so I don’t know if it was a very fun trip for anyone. Maybe that is why we didn’t go again this year!

Anyway, the Ishiuchi group all together.

So that was snowboarding this year. Pretty disappointing overall, despite the snow being good!