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At the beginning of April, my Dad and Melissa came to Japan for two weeks. First they came to Gunma, and we spent two days at Kusatsu Onsen. After that was Kyoto and Osaka, then Kenji and I came home to start work, and they continued on to Shikoku on a road trip, after which they came back to Tokyo, and left from Tokyo. Unfortunately, right after Kusatsu my Dad got sick with bronchitis, which made Kyoto/Osaka no fun for him, and the day we left Osaka I got sick with bronchitis too!

But I still think everyone had a pretty good time!


Our lovely ryokan hotel!

A traditional Japanese dinner in yukata, after a bath

Sightseeing the next day

Kenji: Will Do Anything For A Picture.


Kids playing in the hot water!

Kenji’s weird pose, and dad lighting incense at a temple

That afternoon it started to rain, then snow, and a HUGE storm swept across Western Japan, causing wind damage and shutting down trains. We just got snow in Kusatsu, which made Dad and Melissa happy! That also meant we were the ONLY people in the entire onsen, which was GREAT!

Besides Dad feeling sick, we had no problems with stopped trains heading to Kyoto and Osaka. We even passed Fuji on the way!

Our hotel in Osaka, and Kyoto tower

The first, and only, temple we were able to visit in Kyoto, Ginkakuji. Unfortunately, Dad had to go back and rest at that point.

Kenji and I continued on to another temple, but called it quits after that.

View from our window the next day. While Dad and Melissa stuck to Osaka sightseeing, Kenji and I went back to Kyoto for the Fushimi Inari shrine I had been dying to see since I first came to Japan.

The weather even cleared for us!

Fushimi Inari is famous for the thousands of Torii gates along the paths.

Torii everywhere!

The effect was so nice!

After that Kenji and I returned, I got bronchitis, and Dad and Melissa headed to Shikoku and then to Tokyo. I was able to meet them the day before they left in Tokyo, but with the rain and me still feeling sick, I wasn’t able to stay long. Unfortunately, for a lot of their trip the weather wasn’t great, which I guess is common in spring, but I think they nevertheless enjoyed themselves!