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After the whirlwind of Kusatsu/Kyoto/Osaka, and me being sick and school starting, Kenji and I haven’t been up for any trips at all this month, even for the long holiday of Golden Week. Instead, we have been taking short motorcycle trips around the area and seeing all the beautiful spring flowers!

Since I was sick during the main time of the cherry blossoms, I really only got to see a few around my town when I went for walks. But they were quite nice this year, late though they were!

Sakura at the local Fushimi Inari shrine

Along the river

The first motorcycle trip, we headed up into Fujioka’s mountains to see the flowers and even some surprise koi-no-bori, flying carp streamers put up for Children’s Day during the Golden Week holiday.

The first time we stopped was for this beautiful copse of pink sakura blossoms flowering above a field of bright yellow flowers. The effect was truly spectacular!

These are Kenji’s pictures, with my camera. The colors were gorgeous!

Koi-no-bori strung above a valley. The sun disappeared here, but it peaked out once or twice afterward.

Mountain roads, ta~ake me home…

A fun little temple across the river

And further along, a pretty little shrine!

The next motorcycle ride, the sakura were gone, but the koi-no-bori was still up in many places, so we took an extended ride to Tatebayashi to see one of the many places they are up.

On the way were LOTS of great flowers, including those yellow ones everywhere!

We were really surprised at the koi-no-bori in Tatebayashi. There were so many!

And then we came to the bridge, and they kept going! That whole section of the river was covered in them!

Veeeerrryyy niiiiice!

On the way back we found a Brazilian restaurant with positively awesome food. We have to go back!