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As I mentioned in the previous post, Golden Week wasn’t very exciting for us. We were still tired from the traveling with Dad in April, and so we decided to not go anywhere special and just relax. We did go see the wisteria blooming in Fujioka, as well as another motorcycle ride. We also are looking for a new kitchen table, which is not very exciting but kinda necessary.

These flowers are so fun!

Spring green is such a beautiful color. And this afternoon was pretty much the one day of nice weather we had all Golden week, so we really enjoyed it!

Fujioka’s “Hill Where Wisteria Bloom”

And it is certainly aptly named!

You can even buy small plants of wisteria!

Clouds and sky and mountains!

I LOVE playing with Kenji’s macro lens!


And more bright pink flowers. After that, though, the clouds threatened again, so we left. But it was a nice outing!

After a day or two we got tired of being holed up in the house, and in a break in the rain took a quick motorcycle trip with no purpose.

We found koi-no-bori, flowers, AND fuji at a small park along the river!

… but we couldn’t stay long as the rain threatened again.

I did get my new yukata, though! Whee!