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Some events and things that went on at the beginning of summer, in convenient bullet points:

• The eclipse, which we took pictures of the surprisingly expensive “Special Eclipse Glasses” we bought from 7/11. Does viewing an eclipse really need to cost an arm and a leg?! Anyway, here are the (admittedly terrible) pictures:

• Next up, we’ve been doing a lot of short motorcycle trips on roads we’ve never bothered to travel before, leading us to some interesting places. These are mostly nature photos, since that seems to be what I enjoy taking pictures of, but there you go:

• Kenji’s Wednesday night class in Kamisato has a bi-annual party, and as usual they invited me. It was held at a very yummy sushi restaurant this time, which I like very much, but a few of the members couldn’t come, so it ended up being a rather small group. Still, always fun to see them!

• My Japanese teacher’s super cute cats. I know, I know, I can’t help myself, I love cats. These are super cute.

•I cooked Tonkatsu for dinner one night:

• And finally some random sky pictures from a stormy night around the house. I actually managed to capture the purple of the sky. Nice!