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Fujioka Matsuri! One of my absolutely favorite times of the year, I was especially looking forward to it since I had missed the year before to go home. Fujimatsu is split into two days, the first is the “mikoshi” which are carried by different teams, of which my employer, the BOE, is one. The second day is the “dashi”, which are big carts that are pulled and are full of drummers and flutists. We usually go to both days, the first to actually participate in the matsuri, the second to just enjoy it. Here are a ton of pictures and videos! (Most of these are Kenji’s pictures, as my camera had been dying a slow pixel death for awhile)

Day One:

One of the leaders of our group

“the enemy” (not really, just another team)

Goofing off and taking pictures waiting for things to get going

Women in dance yukata for the Fujioka dance… this year, I want to find where they buy them and get one myself!

Another leader up on the mikoshi, and remembering how the walk goes

And as usual, we’re the first to go up!


Allen and Aki, and Briana, Amy, and Mayumi later at a drinking party

Day Two!

Me and Mizuki in Yukata!

Another pic!

Shots of the parade leader girls, and a Dashi with a large group pulling it

The wife and adorable son of Kenji’s barber

During the matsuri

All the bikes at the end!

Fujimatsu is always exhausting, but tons of fun! I can’t wait for next year!