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I have three new schools this year, one junior high school and two day cares. They are all small schools up in the mountains, and while it is a bit of a long commute, how rural they are is really appealing! I’m really loving my time here so far 🙂

Some views of the JHS

The school grounds and gym

The school has some really interesting design elements!

So I go to that school Monday through Thursday, then on Fridays I head to either Mikabo Hoikuen (day care) or Onishi Hoikuen. Both schools are also out in the country, Mikabo being the smaller one with only 7 kids!

This is Mikabo Hoikuen, the furthest school for me this year.

But the kids are super cute!

The area is really rural, but that makes it really great too!

The second school is Onishi Hoikuen, with a great view!

Here I only teach the 5 year olds.

When I first came they were practicing for their sports festival

Here is a video of the practice… click to watch!

Fridays are so nice, I love the younger kids, and I really enjoy the drive out even though it is a long way. Also, I only teach for an hour, and right before lunch for the kids, so I can sleep in, have a nice drive and easy class, then be finished for the day… it’s pretty great!