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The weekend of the 15th was a three day weekend, so we went to Tokyo on Saturday for a Wedding party and to sightsee a bit. It had been soooo long since we visited Tokyo, we were pretty excited about it! Our first stop was Shinjuku, where we went first to the Nikon floor of a tall building to get our various cameras and lenses cleaned. Kenji also got to see his new camera, which just came out and he should receive soon. He was so excited about it! After that and shopping in Shinjuku a bit, we headed to Shinagawa to where our hotel was located, had dinner, and went to bed a bit early.

The view from the Nikon floor

At an Izakaya that evening

Sunday night was our wedding party called a “nijikai”. Because it can get expensive and there are a lot of people you are “supposed” to invite to wedding ceremonies, in Japan there is often an after party where you can invite many more people than at your wedding. Wedding guests often come too, and it is usually much more relaxed than the wedding itself. The groom was an old friend of Kenji’s and since we had met once before, he was cool with me coming. Before that though, we headed to Odaiba for a Mexican Festival, which was awesome!

Shinagawa station in the morning

Tokyo is so photogenic… Odaiba especially so! Here are some Odaiba pics; I especially love the last one!

They didn’t get 2016, so now Tokyo’s trying for 2020. Don’t know why anyone would actually want the olympics in your city, but have fun, Tokyo!

At the Mexican Festival

Tacos, Margarita, and Corona. Yum.

There was also a band there! We bought a CD for use when cooking for our “Taco Nights” ;p

Fuji TV’s giant cool looking building was actually open to the public, so we took a quick look around!

Fuji’s mascot and a long escalator

Back to the station and our hotel to get ready for the Nijikai… I don’t have any pics of that, unfortunately!

The next morning we checked out of the hotel and headed to Akihabara to go to Yodobashi Camera, as well as a cat cafe I’d heard about. The cafe was too busy to stay, but Yodobashi was even more so! After that we took a bus to Tokyo Sky Tree to get some pictures, then headed home in the evening. All in all it was a great weekend!

Breakfast in the morning


And Yodobashi

Hey, I found Rurouni Kenshin stuff promoting the new movie! Yay!

Katsuya for lunch!

The Sky Tree!

Kids playing in the water

And a few pics from far away

My Ruroken spoils, and Tokyo Prefecture official post cards!