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This past weekend on Sunday September 30th was , or literally “moon-viewing”, a day when you celebrate the autumn by looking at the full moon at a time when it is biggest and brightest! Unfortunately, a typhoon was moving through so we couldn’t do much actual moon viewing, but I wanted to celebrate anyway, so I made dinner and a special Tsukimi treat that is really easy to make!

During the weekend I also took a lot of pictures of fall flowers and the rice fields since I had Friday off! Let’s see those first:

Fields of Cosmos, a beautiful fall flower!

Not sure what this one is called, but it grows in clumps and lines, which is a cool effect

And rice about to be cut

Now for dinner and tsukimi dango on Sunday

Moon-themed curry and tofu dishes

So, are the special version of regular dango that are plain, so no sauce or color, and are usually stacked in a pyramid and displayed with Susuki grass. Since it seemed easy enough, I decided to make them, so here are the steps:

You need: Dango flour, water, and sugar (optional). That’s it.

Oh, and a cute plate to put them on (preferably with rabbits on it), and Susuki grass.

Mix up the dough and warm water, then roll into balls; if you’re doing the pyramid you need at least 14, but I made 15 here. I would recommend a little smaller ones and make more.

Next up, boil water.

Stick the dango in, boil until they rise to the top, then boil an extra minute.

Take ’em out, cool ’em off, and let ’em dry.

Try and build a pyramid; curse as it falls apart, try again this time squishing them together, take a quick picture, and watch as it crumbles again. At least I got a few pics, right?

And voila! Happy Tsukimi, everyone!