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First up, various Halloween activities from last month, including the ECC party, Halloween girls class, and Halloween classes at school:

Kids and ALTs at the ECC Halloween Party

Kenji and Scott

Taking pictures with the fun polaroid-style camera

Driving somewhere…

Making pumpkin faces with the girls

Momo and Icchan


Pooh all dressed up

And my Halloween “Monster Mash” game with my kids at school

They came up with some pretty great monsters!


Next up is my kids Bunkasai. It was a Friday, which meant I missed most of the morning because I teach at hoikuen on those days, and I leave early on Fridays so I missed most of the afternoon too :/ Basically I got to see the band play, the hallway decorations, and to sing the teacher’s song, and that was it.

Hallway decorations, the kids calligraphy exhibits, etc.

Encouragement in the classroom

The band and the background

A nice day…

Finally, some general fall type pictures… Cosmos flowers, trees full with Kaki fruit, rice drying in the fields, etc:

I had tons of fun taking random flower pictures

Stopped by Sugawara Shrine on my way home

And a temple with lots of Lotus flowers, unfortunately not in bloom this time of year

Rice growing back in the already-cut fields

Kaki fruits

Drying the rice after cutting it

What better on a fall day than ramen?

So that was that for the last weekends in October, i.e. nothing much…