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Our annual trip to Tokyo for Tokyo Design Festa was November 10-11 this year. As usual, we took the train Saturday morning, spent Saturday at Design Festa, stayed at Toyoko Inn Saturday night, then did other stuff on Sunday before heading home.

This year’s Design Festa didn’t have much for Kenji, although I found one or two new art pieces. We bought an awesome cut-paper design of a fish for the house, I got a super happy flower for the entrance way, and Kenji bought me a really awesome constellation cup that caught my eye.

Tokyo Big Sight and inside Design Festa

Pretty kanzashi and a fun bike helmet that looks like a strawberry!

Many people dressed up in all sorts of costumes

We bought the middle red fish in the first picture for the house, and I got a smaller print of the Happiest Flower Ever in the second for myself!

Grabbing food

A cool painted booth in the dark section

The nifty constellation cup Kenji bought for me!

Tokyo Big Sight and looking out on Odaiba

Dinner was near our hotel, and was also Indian. It was really really yummy!


For Sunday, the first order of business was to head to a cat cafe. The last time we went to Tokyo, we tried to go, but didn’t have an appointment and didn’t want to wait. This time we called ahead and made sure we could go before heading to Ueno.

The cat cafe by Ueno station

Super cute kitties!

After that we checked out the new restorations of Tokyo Station, then headed to Shinjuku so Kenji could get his camera lens cleaned, and from Shinjuku we headed home.

Tokyo Station restoration

The outside and inside one of the domes

The Nikon store and repair shop in Shinjuku, and the view

And finally some of the decorations in place for the Illumination of Shinjuku terrance area