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On December 1st we made a trip to Joumine Kouen, a park on the Saitama side of the border, known for its winter-blooming cherry blossoms, called “fuyuzakura”. While the entire area is known for these cherry blossoms, the Gunma park Sakurayama Kouen is the more well known of the two. We had never been to Joumine, and despite the weather being a bit cloudy, decided to check it out. It was WELL worth the extra drive, and is a great compliment to Sakurayama! But before that, we also explored a few other places on the way, as well as on the way back!

First up was the drive on the Saitama side of the river towards the park. I drive it every day to and from work, so I pointed out a few nice spots to stop and take pictures at.

The area is so nice this time of year!


Next up we caught sight of a stand of maples with AMAZING colors, so of course we had to stop there as well!

The trees had all the colors… green to orange to red. They were so beautiful!

Close up!

The trees

Cicada shell leftover from spring!

Nice background!

Finally, we headed to the park… just in time for the sun to hide behind the clouds. Oops! It came out for a bit, just in time for us to get some fun pictures, before going behind the mountains. The sun sets so early these days!

Joumine Kouen!

Awww, its cloudy

Nice view of the dam though!

Oh good, it came out!

We were able to see all the colors!

And the best pictures of the day… those of red maples and pink cherry blossoms together!

Or with one in the background of the other!

This area was nice

Lots of the colors were already falling though

The best area of the day! We had fun goofing off and taking lots of pictures!

Om nom nom…

Good portraits!

And us together!

Lastly, as we were driving home, we came across another magnificent set of trees… unfortunately we lost the light, so you can’t tell how great they were! Too bad…

At least now we know for next year…!