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For my birthday, Kenji and I headed to Tokyo for the weekend to stay at the Park Hyatt hotel, a hotel made famous by the movie “Lost In Translation”. We had 2 free nights to stay, and so we went early Friday afternoon to take advantage, and stayed until Sunday evening. It was a wonderful and fantastic weekend, and I have such an awesome boyfriend!

We took the train into Tokyo Friday afternoon, arriving right around 5PM at Shinjuku station, then took a taxi to the hotel. Kenji had emailed a bit before to see if we could get an upgraded room, and we were able to. The room was really beautiful and the view fantastic… we just managed to catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji before it got too dark to see it! After that, we headed out to Shinjuku to try and find a place to get dinner, and ended up at a German-style beer bar which was really good!

Decorations at Shinmachi Station!

My first birthday gift… a cute Gunma-chan pouch!

Waiting for the train

Arriving in Shinjuku

The room!

The view!

Heading out

Lights around the hotel

Walking around Shinjuku and the restaurant

Food pics

And the beers!

After eating we headed back to the hotel, hit the pool for a short time, then went to bed a bit early.

The next day, my birthday, Kenji came up with the idea to get our hair done! I used to get mine done professionally, but lately haven’t had time, and get a friend to cut it instead. I miss going to the salon! And Kenji had never been to the Japanese style ones, where it isn’t just a hair wash, but a massage. So we got ours done together in Harajuku, then ate in the area, and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. It was nice because it wasn’t rushed at all and so was very relaxing!

For dinner we had reservations outside the hotel and were just going to go and have drinks at the bar, but I didn’t want to leave once the live music started, so we decided to go ahead and eat at the hotel. It was expensive (so I felt a little bad about that…) but was delicious, and it was nice to relax and listen to the music! I really enjoyed it!

The view in the morning

Breakfast at the hotel

Shinjuku area

Harajuku’s famous shopping area

Getting our hair did.. before and after!

The yummy italian restaurant

Furby! And walking back

Heading up to the bar

New York Bar at the Park Hyatt

Ahhhh live music and atmosphere!

And food!

Sunday we had a few different plans, but we ended up continuing the “let’s relax” vibe of the rest of it and not doing too much! So we took our time with breakfast and packing up, and relaxed until our late check out at 2. Then we headed to Ueno to visit the Japan Royal Museum and the King Tut exhibition held there. There were a looot of people, but it was a really beautiful and amazing exhibit, so we were happy we got the chance to see it!

After that we were going to visit the illuminations in Kunitachi, but found out that since they were renovating the station, the trains were closed in the evenings to the station, so we decided to skip and just headed home. We will go to Kunitachi another time, but even without going there, it was one of the best weekends in Tokyo I’ve ever had!

Hello Mt.Fuji!


The great-smelling pines in the lobby area

In our room, relaxing and packing up

Heading to Ueno

King Tut!

There were some nice fall colors still!

Waiting for our time slot into the museum

Back to Ueno!

Some pictures at Shinjuku station!

The lights were really nice!


And a few more!

New purse! My Christmas present from Kenji šŸ˜€

And that was it!