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On Friday right before my enkai, we had the girl’s class and had Christmas with them. In the end, all the kids joined us for a chaotic (but fun!) time making snowflakes!

Then, the day after the semester ended, Kenji’s parents came to Gunma after a few days in Tokyo to spend some time. One of the activities was visiting his mom’s college friends who live in Takasaki. We went to dinner at a curry restaurant, then went to a cat cafe in Takasaki I didn’t even know existed! Apparently it is struggling a little bit, so they wanted to go and give it business. It was my second cat-cafe visit!

Kenji taking pictures, then Kenji with Sou-chan

Izumi and Momoko

Then Wakaba joins Momo-chan, while Sou-chan and Ryoryo play

The cat cafe

The cute water glasses in the shape of a paw (I bought one!) and my hot chocolate

Number FOUR!


Kitties and Kenji!

Lights outside of Takasaki station on the way home

These were actually my birthday presents from Kenji, but I wanted to stick with the cat theme ;p Yay Maru!