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The end of the second semester was, as usual, a busy time. My JTE, Ms. Sekine, and I went to both of the Onishi Elementary schools to give example JHS classes so they can see what their English classes will be like, and then it was Christmas classes, and before we knew it, the Closing Ceremony and that evening the enkai. And then… WINTER VACATION! WOO!

Onishi Elementary School… I forgot to get pictures of the other one! But these are my future students!

Christmas Classes with my Ichinensei

We play a true+false game the kids get really into!

Kids that got prizes in sports or music during the semester

Food during the enkai

My JTE opening her bingo lottery gift… we both got Starbucks mugs, although mine was the normal and hers the special winter edition.

My teachers probably wouldn’t much appreciate me posting these, but… hahaha I love the Onishi teachers!

Anyway, short post, more coming!