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Whew! Hello 2013! What is it now, May? Maaaan how time flies when you’re having fun! …or being extremely lazy, in my case.

Anyway, due to the sheer amount of time passing between the event happening and me actually getting around to writing this post, I’ve probably forgotten a lot of the smaller details I may have wanted to write about, so expect the next couple (ten?) posts to be short and sweet, heavy on the pics and not-so-heavy on the commentary. Actually, that’s probably preferably anyway, so let’s get right down to it, shall we?

 photo DSC_1824.jpg

Hatsumode is the official first visit of the new year to a shrine. We sorta… circumvented tradition and started with a temple instead. Then we drove up into Onishi to visit a shrine that turned out to be so small there was no activity what-so-ever, so we went to the replica castle up on Mt. Ushibuse for the views, then headed back down into Fujioka and home for dinner. I went out on my own to a couple of the shrines and temples around Shinmachi until it got too dark to take good pictures, then called it a day.

 photo DSC_1780.jpg  photo DSC_1790.jpg  photo DSC_1794.jpg
A temple and a shrine around Onishi

 photo DSC_1807.jpg  photo DSC_1810.jpg  photo DSC_1817.jpg
Mt. Ushibuse

 photo DSC_1826.jpg  photo DSC_1827.jpg  photo DSC_1828.jpg  photo DSC_1831.jpg  photo DSC_1839.jpg  photo DSC_1845.jpg
A fertility shrine in Shinmachi.

 photo DSC_1854.jpg
Traditional New Years decorations. We have a mini (fake) one for our home.

 photo DSC_1856.jpg
The temple next door

 photo DSC_1874.jpg
I just liked the colors

 photo DSC_1895.jpg
Slightly blurry picture (and the least blurry of the lot) from the fushimi inari shrine closest to our house

 photo IMG_0256.jpg
Cute Gunma-chan darumas spotted during shopping the next day. I bought one. They are so cute!