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First up, I went to Mikabo Hoikuen (day care I teach at every other Friday) thinking it was regular English class day, but as it turns out they were supposed to call and cancel and had forgotten. Instead of just going home, they invited me to make dango with them. I’m sure there is some significance with the colors (white, pink, light green) and putting them on the tree branches to roast them, but I don’t know what it is (oops), so I just sat back, took pictures, ate a couple dango, and enjoyed.

That weekend happened to be a big dondoyaki festival near our old neighborhood, so we went to watch them light all the old New Years decorations and daruma to prepare for the new year. That’s about all I know!

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Making dango

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Decorating the tree with the finished and cooked dango

 photo IMG_0276.jpg
The end result

 photo IMG_0279.jpg
Eating said dango

 photo DSC_2121.jpg
Approaching the dondoyaki place

 photo DSC_2124.jpg
Before being lit on fire

 photo DSC_2127.jpg
People roasting the sticks with dango on them

 photo DSC_2136.jpg  photo DSC_2143.jpg  photo DSC_2155.jpg
Getting lit and slowly burning down

 photo DSC_2146.jpg
Some burned New Years decorations

 photo DSC_2161.jpg  photo DSC_2162.jpg
Amazake being served

A bit later in the weekend, we had a big storm blow through and actually got some snow! Kenji and I went to eat our usual weekend Indian food in Saitama when it started to snow, and of course by the time we got back and I had put on snow stuff, it was back to raining. I still think I got some good pictures though!

 photo DSC_2183.jpg  photo DSC_2199.jpg  photo DSC_2202.jpg
This is walking around my local Fushimi Inari shrine

 photo DSC_2206.jpg  photo DSC_2208.jpg  photo DSC_2211.jpg
The snow was already melting, unfortunately!

 photo DSC_2221.jpg  photo DSC_2223.jpg  photo DSC_2227.jpg
I didn’t stay out too long since I didn’t want to risk the camera getting water in it

 photo DSC_2195.jpg
However I liked this one the best!