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There are a lot of rivers around the city, one of which seems to attract swans every year. Kenji has pointed them out before, but this year when we noticed they were there, we decided to actually go and see them instead of just talking about doing it. We had great timing too… the sunset that day was really beautiful!

That same weekend we also went to the Gunma Flower Park, since they were advertising a Hina Matsuri (girl’s doll festival) event. Unfortunately, most of the flowers in the park were not blooming yet, but the greenhouses were worth it, and the flowers for the festival were pretty nice, so it didn’t feel like a total waste. After that we ate at a famous pork cutlet restaurant called Tonton Hiroba.

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Sunset pictures

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And swan pictures

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These came out blurry unfortunately, but sorta artistically so, and I kinda like them

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Then some lady came along with bread and started feeding, so that was fun

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On to Gunma Flower Park! Definitely much nicer later in the year.

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The greenhouses were nice though

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And of course I took WAY too many flower photos

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And plant photos

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The doll festival decorations

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…and more flowers. I’m done, I promise!

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Eating at Tonton Hiroba, a famous pork place

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Dinner and cookies