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So as a 5th year JET, technically even if I don’t leave Japan and keep my same job with the BOE, I’m technically not a JET anymore after this year. JET gives a big conference every year for “returning” JETs, which I thought would be a good experience since I am technically “leaving”. It lasts 3 days, and is held in Yokohama. Two years ago, Kenji attended, so we went to Yokohama for the weekend, then I went back to Gunma while he stayed on. This year was the same except we switched places.

We didn’t do terribly much in Yokohama together… some shopping, walking around, eating foods we can’t normally get, etc. But we DID go see the Ramen Museum, which was fun! Kenji left on Sunday after lunch in order to go visit his grandmother before heading home, while I walked around Yokohama taking pictures.

The conference started on Monday, and I didn’t take any pictures at all… was really too busy for it honestly. I returned on Wednesday after a little time in Tokyo. Although I’m not planning on returning to the US quite yet, the conference was nevertheless pretty helpful, so I’m glad I had the chance to go!

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First order of business upon arrival in Yokohama: American-style food at TGIF!!

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And I got a kitty sweatshirt courtesy of Kenji! yay!

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Typical Yokohama views

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The cup ramen museum was pretty cool… it had things like collections of different cup ramen designs and flavors from the very first

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And the story of how the guy invented them and marketed them and became successful, complete with the usual cute drawings

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And famous people who ate cup ramen, or visited the museum, or something like that… I dunno, I was pretty hungry at this point!

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You could even make your own package design or even make the noodles themselves, but we skipped that in favor of eating instead

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“World Bazaar” featuring noodle dishes from around the world!

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They were good, and the small portions and cheap price allowed you to try a bunch of different ones!

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Once Kenji left, I wandered off on my own, walking by the water with no real goal in mind…

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I had fun taking random pictures of things…

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And watching the birds…

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And more pictures, until I came to a park…

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With a weird fish-fountain that looked like it wanted to eat me…

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Which led me to a Tower and a doll museum…

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Until it led me to Chinatown…

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Where a panda tried to eat me.

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But don’t worry, I managed to escape back to the tiniest room in existence to lounge around by myself until the conference started. It was actually pretty nice.

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These are just random pictures that don’t really fit anywhere above.