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Graduation time is usually a time I take lots of pictures, because it is the time when the Japanese plums (ume) really start to bloom and other flowers begin to pop up, and also because it’s, well, graduation. This year, however, I was a bit… preoccupied with planning for our Europe trip for Spring Break, and I also accidentally forgot my camera battery on graduation day, so I have a good number of flower pics, and like three iphone graduation pics. Sorry.

So to pad this entry a bit, I’m going to include a few pictures of my Hoikuen (day care) students, as well as a short trip to a plum grove on Mt. Haruna. It’s a bit random, sorry.

 photo DSC_2823.jpg  photo DSC_2833.jpg
Onishi Hoikuen kids and Mikabo Hoikuen kids

 photo DSC_2838.jpg
Dunno what this flower’s called, but I like it!

 photo DSC_2848.jpg  photo DSC_2849.jpg  photo DSC_2850.jpg
Plums, plums, plums, pink plums

 photo DSC_2865.jpg  photo DSC_2870.jpg  photo DSC_2972.jpg
White plums and red plums

 photo DSC_2874.jpg  photo DSC_2894.jpg  photo DSC_2904.jpg
Misato Bairin

 photo DSC_2950.jpg  photo DSC_2954.jpg  photo DSC_2955.jpg
Oh, and I almost forgot about this Kofun/Mound thing… we passed it on the way to and from Misato Bairin. I forgot the name though…

 photo DSC_2957.jpg  photo DSC_2961.jpg  photo DSC_2962.jpg
You could go inside so that was interesting

 photo IMG_0335.jpg
Pre-graduation celebration kyuushoku (school lunch)

 photo IMG_0337.jpg  photo IMG_0338.jpg  photo IMG_0344.jpg
Onishi graduation

 photo IMG_0349.jpg
Me in hakama and kimono, and a student. My dressing skills aren’t showing through well here; I’d been walking around a lot at this point.

Anyway, that’s it. Yeah, boring, sorry, I’m working up toward the Europe trip photos, but there are a ton and the entries will be really long, so it might take me awhile. Not another 4 months though, promise!