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So… Europe Trip! I’ve been putting off doing these entries because there are SO many pictures, but I finally just sucked it up and uploaded a ton this weekend. So here is to getting all my Europe posts up during this week. I will probably write a lot, but there will also be a ton of pictures too, which means these entries are going to be LONG. Sorry!

We started out our trip early in the morning on Saturday March 23rd by taking a taxi to the bus stop to await the airport bus to take us to Narita. This year the sakura bloomed early, so I got a few pictures since I figured we’d probably miss the whole season while in Europe, and then the bus came, and I got car-sick, so the entire time from the ride to the airport was pretty miserable tbh. We got to Narita an hour late, too, which meant that while we had planned to spend some time in the United Lounge, we didn’t have near as much time as originally thought. Still, we were able to spend a little time and let me recover from motion-sickness. The plane ride was a pleasant surprise… Kenji likes aisle seats and I like window, and we can never agree who gets the middle, so we resigned ourselves to someone sitting between us, but as it turned out that middle seat was empty, so we had the whole row to ourselves. So that was nice. We got to Paris in the evening, and had already made reservations at an airport hotel since we were flying to Barcelona the next morning. It took a bit of walking to figure out where the hell the shuttle for the Hilton was, but we finally found it and got settled, and ate dinner at the hotel. In the morning, we headed back to the airport for the Barcelona flight where once again we had no one sitting between us.

Kenji took pictures throughout this whole time, while I don’t have any between the sakura and arriving in Barcelona. So the pictures basically start from landing in Barcelona, but trust me, the in-between stuff isn’t all that exciting anyway.

So, Barcelona! Upon landing, we took the airport bus into the city, which dropped us off at Placa Catalunya. We walked from there a short distance to our hotel, the Renaissance Barcelona. We took some time to settle in and then walked around the block to a Tapas Bar for lunch, then decided to start our sightseeing out with the famous Gaudi church La Sagrada Familia. We walked there, but nearing the end of our visit it started to rain, so we took the metro back to the hotel, and found a place around the hotel for dinner.

 photo DSC_2900.jpg
Sakura before leaving

 photo DSC_2901.jpg
Our small stack of euros from the airport

 photo DSC_2986.jpg  photo DSC_2987.jpg
At the Tapas bar in Barcelona

 photo DSC_2989.jpg  photo DSC_2991.jpg
Good stuff!

 photo DSC_2997.jpg
Passing Manzana de la Discordia on the way to La Sagrada Familia

 photo DSC_3004.jpg  photo DSC_3007.jpg
Walking to La Sagrada Familia

A video of La Sagrada Familia itself

 photo DSC_3014.jpg  photo DSC_3019.jpg
The church is pretty much perpetually under construction. I sorta doubt it will be finished in my lifetime, or it it is, at the end of it. But it is neat to see it in the building stages!

 photo DSC_3026.jpg
This is what the finished church will look like; currently only the darker tan parts have been built. They’ve got a ways to go…

 photo DSC_3020.jpg  photo DSC_3024.jpg  photo DSC_3029.jpg  photo DSC_3032.jpg
Gaudi had a very unique style, but I liked it

 photo DSC_3033.jpg  photo DSC_3036.jpg  photo DSC_3037.jpg  photo DSC_3040.jpg
And the inside is really just magnificent. The stained glass was only half finished which was a cool effect

 photo DSC_3046.jpg
Looking up is supposed to give you the feeling that you’re in a forest of trees

 photo DSC_3038.jpg  photo DSC_3042.jpg  photo DSC_3063.jpg
And everywhere you look…

 photo DSC_3048.jpg  photo DSC_3054.jpg  photo DSC_3072.jpg
…there are a ton of details.

 photo DSC_3085.jpg  photo DSC_3086.jpg  photo DSC_3092.jpg
We decided to climb the higher of the two open towers

 photo DSC_3088.jpg
It gave a really good view of the work currently being done

 photo DSC_3102.jpg
As well as a nice spread of the city

 photo DSC_3098.jpg  photo DSC_3118.jpg  photo DSC_3124.jpg

 photo DSC_3141.jpg  photo DSC_3152.jpg
And a few more from inside

 photo DSC_3153.jpg  photo DSC_3154.jpg
Dinner in the evening

For day two we went to Park Guell in the morning to beat the crowd, and took a bit of a siesta in the afternoon, followed by more Gaudi buildings: Casa Batllo in the Manzana de la Discordia, and Casa Mila (also called La Pedrera) in the evening. I had much more planned, but we were both feeling the effects of jet lag and plane travel, so we took it slow.

 photo DSC_3232.jpg

 photo DSC_3157.jpg
Breakfast… I ordered a hot chocolate which was like drinking heavy melted chocolate… good but rich!

 photo DSC_3161.jpg
We took the metro most of the way

 photo DSC_3166.jpg
The walked the rest of the way up the hill, and went in through the back gate

 photo DSC_3174.jpg  photo DSC_3185.jpg
The view from the highest point in the park was really nice!

 photo DSC_3176.jpg  photo DSC_3196.jpg
We spent some time on the hill, the wandered down into the more famous architectural areas

 photo DSC_3197.jpg  photo DSC_3208.jpg
The main plaza area

 photo DSC_3208.jpg
Birdies for Mary!

 photo DSC_3211.jpg  photo DSC_3212.jpg  photo DSC_3219.jpg
The benches are a popular area

 photo DSC_3223.jpg
And below them a column area meant for a marketplace

 photo DSC_3225.jpg  photo DSC_3230.jpg  photo DSC_3235.jpg
With some really beautiful ceramic murals Gaudi is famous for

 photo DSC_3243.jpg

 photo DSC_3244.jpg  photo DSC_3245.jpg  photo DSC_3251.jpg  photo DSC_3254.jpg  photo DSC_3255.jpg
Buildings of the entranceway

 photo DSC_3248.jpg
The famous Gaudi …salamander? lizard? thing

 photo DSC_3264.jpg  photo DSC_3298.jpg
Hi again

 photo DSC_3272.jpg  photo DSC_3285.jpg
Lots of musicians in this area

 photo DSC_3309.jpg  photo DSC_3310.jpg
Heading out of the park

 photo DSC_3313.jpg  photo DSC_3315.jpg
Cool street performers heading back toward the metro

 photo DSC_3316.jpg
Kenji was impressed with this giant vending machine

 photo DSC_3317.jpg
My sangria after a siesta at the hotel

 photo DSC_3325.jpg
We started out with Casa Batllo, which for some reason I don’t have a half-way decent picture of the outside beyond the one that is posted a bit above, so here is the model of the house.

 photo DSC_3321.jpg  photo DSC_3322.jpg  photo DSC_3324.jpg
Strait lines are hard to find

 photo DSC_3332.jpg  photo DSC_3328.jpg  photo DSC_3331.jpg
And beautiful colors and murals abound

 photo DSC_3333.jpg
The main skylight area

 photo DSC_3336.jpg  photo DSC_3340.jpg
Hallways and windows

 photo DSC_3342.jpg  photo DSC_3348.jpg
Out on the roof

 photo DSC_3344.jpg  photo DSC_3345.jpg
The facade of the house looks like the scales of a dragon

 photo DSC_3353.jpg  photo DSC_3359.jpg  photo DSC_3350.jpg
Back down the stairwell

 photo DSC_3362.jpg  photo DSC_3319.jpg
And on to Casa Mila

 photo DSC_3365.jpg  photo DSC_3371.jpg
A lot of the apartments are still in use today

 photo DSC_3367.jpg  photo DSC_3369.jpg
The use of color is nice as always

 photo DSC_3375.jpg  photo DSC_3387.jpg  photo DSC_3390.jpg
But the roof is really the highlight

 photo DSC_3395.jpg  photo DSC_3400.jpg
Getting darker

 photo DSC_3406.jpg
Heading down

 photo DSC_3403.jpg
Another model

 photo DSC_3412.jpg
Casa Mila at night

 photo DSC_3415.jpg
And back past Casa Batllo at night before heading to dinner.

Day three was the grand exploration of Las Ramblas and the Barri Gotic, or the Gothic Quarter. There was too much to see in one day, but I think we did pretty well!

 photo DSC_3575.jpg

 photo DSC_3420.jpg  photo DSC_3426.jpg  photo DSC_3427.jpg
Better views of Placa Catalunya and the start of Las Ramblas

 photo DSC_3429.jpg

 photo DSC_3434.jpg
It was still early, but there was some activity

 photo DSC_3440.jpg  photo DSC_3445.jpg  photo DSC_3448.jpg  photo DSC_3449.jpg
Lots of interesting buildings, hidden nooks and crannies, and fun shops and stores to explore

 photo DSC_3452.jpg
Church and stained glass window

 photo DSC_3459.jpg  photo DSC_3462.jpg
La Boqueria Market

 photo DSC_3463.jpg  photo DSC_3464.jpg  photo DSC_3466.jpg  photo DSC_3467.jpg
The market was definitely crowded!

 photo DSC_3472.jpg
Weird dragon umbrella statue on a building

 photo DSC_3476.jpg
Theatre de Liceu

 photo DSC_3479.jpg  photo DSC_3482.jpg
Another cute Placa

 photo DSC_3486.jpg  photo DSC_3487.jpg  photo DSC_3488.jpg  photo DSC_3489.jpg
Coming up on the famous chimney’s of Palau Guell, yet another Gaudi creation!

 photo DSC_3499.jpg  photo DSC_3503.jpg  photo DSC_3526.jpg
Inside the Palau Guell was much darker than any of Gaudi’s other works, perhaps reflecting the tastes of his patron?

 photo DSC_3505.jpg  photo DSC_3508.jpg  photo DSC_3529.jpg
Not my style, but interesting!

 photo DSC_3537.jpg
Nice windows though!

 photo DSC_3543.jpg  photo DSC_3545.jpg  photo DSC_3549.jpg
Up close with chimneys, etc. on the roof

 photo DSC_3550.jpg  photo DSC_3567.jpg
I liked the chimneys!

 photo DSC_3572.jpg
And back down

 photo DSC_3574.jpg  photo DSC_3579.jpg
Christopher Columbus Monument at the end of Las Ramblas

 photo DSC_3595.jpg  photo DSC_3596.jpg
Getting lunch

 photo DSC_3599.jpg  photo DSC_3600.jpg
Near the sea

 photo DSC_3603.jpg  photo DSC_3613.jpg  photo DSC_3622.jpg  photo DSC_3632.jpg  photo DSC_3635.jpg  photo DSC_3640.jpg
Various buildings of the Barri Gotic

 photo DSC_3641.jpg
And a last view of Placa Espanya on the bus back to the airport to take us back to France!

*whew* if you managed to get through all that, congrats! It was a busy three days in Barcelona, although not as busy as it could have been. Still, I really enjoyed the city and would love to go back and see the places that I missed… and to see La Sagrada Familia again!