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After spending the night in Reims, we left the next morning by train to Luxembourg, where we checked into a Doubletree a bit outside of town to spend two nights. As an aside, Doubletree’s always have the best cookies. Anyway, the afternoon was mostly just walking around Luxembourg a bit, including some sort of sightseeing train thing, as well as the Casements and a few other things. The city is really nice, even if the weather was a bit cloudy and dreary.

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Train to Luxembourg

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Train station and around city streets

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On the bus

 photo DSC_4099.jpg  photo DSC_4101.jpg
Looking out over the city

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Statue of the patron saint-lady, forgot her name already

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Sightseeing train thingy

 photo DSC_4132.jpg  photo DSC_4136.jpg  photo DSC_4147.jpg
More views of the city

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The Casements, fortifiable defensive caves carved into the rock around the city

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More casements pictures

 photo DSC_4197.jpg

 photo DSC_4201.jpg
a church we passed

 photo DSC_4204.jpg  photo DSC_4205.jpg
Mexican food yuuummmm

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Picture stop

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The next morning we took the train to the castle town of Vianden, where we spend a few hours, before coming back to Luxembourg and getting ready to head on to Germany in the morning.

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View in the morning

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The train station

 photo DSC_4222.jpg
And the station near Vianden, from where we took a bus to get to the town proper

 photo DSC_4229.jpg  photo DSC_4234.jpg  photo DSC_4237.jpg
Vianden town

 photo DSC_4232.jpg  photo DSC_4233.jpg
Grabbing lunch

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Walking up to the castle

 photo DSC_4266.jpg  photo DSC_4285.jpg  photo DSC_4291.jpg  photo DSC_4297.jpg  photo DSC_4308.jpg  photo DSC_4311.jpg
Exploring inside

 photo DSC_4257.jpg  photo DSC_4322.jpg  photo DSC_4323.jpg
There was a special display for Easter featuring amazing egg art

 photo DSC_4334.jpg
Looking back at the castle

 photo DSC_4377.jpg

The next morning we moved on from Luxembourg to Germany, heading into Cologne (or Koln depending on the spelling) by early afternoon. We only spent the afternoon exploring, but it was enough to see the main attractions: a big bridge spanning the river Mosel, and the big Cathedral near the train station. Koln was our last stop before Amsterdam.

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Around the bridge in Koln

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Thousands of locks were on the bridge, usually declaring the love of a couple, but sometimes families as well. I liked seeing all the different styles of locks and the names

 photo DSC_4410.jpg  photo DSC_4431.jpg  photo DSC_4438.jpg  photo DSC_4470.jpg
Then the Cathedral which was frankly imposing

 photo DSC_4421.jpg  photo DSC_4467.jpg
But with really gorgeous stained glass windows

 photo DSC_4455.jpg
A piece of the roof on display

So that was Luxembourg and Germany. Last up is Amsterdam!