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One Friday I had a lot of time to take pictures, both before Mikabo Hoikuen (so around the Mikabo area), as well as after. I decided to check out the Fuji Matsuri (wisteria festival) happening. The flowers were really beautiful this year!

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A shrine by Mikabo hoikuen

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Some pretty white flowers

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Wild wisteria growing all over!

 photo DSC_5776.jpg
Mikabomiraikan and hand-made koi-no-bori

 photo DSC_5778.jpg  photo DSC_5801.jpg
The long tunnels of blossoms were really beautiful!

 photo DSC_5795.jpg  photo DSC_5797.jpg  photo DSC_5800.jpg  photo DSC_5809.jpg
There were also still a lot of types in bloom, including a white version

 photo DSC_5812.jpg  photo DSC_5814.jpg  photo DSC_5815.jpg
The smell was so good!

 photo DSC_5817.jpg
Some of the types were past bloom though

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And for the first time, I visited inside the visitor center to see all the displays. There was a lot of wisteria goods, and also lots of arts and crafts. The “picture” of wisteria is actually made of real pressed and dried wisteria blossoms. I thought these were so cool!