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The new school year started after spring break too quickly for me to really get over jet lag from Europe, but overall there weren’t too many changes. One of my JTE’s changed schools, but I knew the incoming one from a previous school, so there wasn’t really anything I needed to get used to. I had all new students at Onishi Hoikuen, but at Mikabo two of my old students came back… the rest went on, so I suddenly had a VERY small class there.

And despite the peak of the cherry blossoms happening while we were in Europe, I still managed to catch some decent pictures of the tail end of the season, which was nice. So all in all despite how tired I was, the school year was off to a good start!

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The day after coming back from Europe was the opening and entrance ceremonies for Onishi JHS.

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And since I had that afternoon off, I did a flower walk around my neighborhood

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There were still sakura here and there

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As well as a ton of other flowers. Dunno what the purple or yellow ones are called, but the middle ones are tsubaki (camellia I think)

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The trees were that pretty new green color, and the weather gorgeous!

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More flowers!

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Japanese maples grow first in red before turning green, so it kinda looked like patches of fall here and there!

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Crushed tsubaki petals

About a week later I headed to Mikabo Hoikuen, and after that Kenji and I went on a motorcycle ride to see the Koi-no-bori hanging around. Actually, these pictures might be from two separate bike rides, I can’t remember. Whatever:

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My cute Mikabo kids!

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Flowering trees here and there still

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Temple tucked up in the mountains

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Out past Mikabo hoikuen

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Nice colors and pretty waterfall

 photo DSC_4963.jpg  photo DSC_4965.jpg  photo DSC_4966.jpg  photo IMG_0455.jpg
Good views and koi-no-bori!

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More pretty flowers

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And a random karaoke session also that weekend!