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Sorry for the wait, but this is the last post about my Spring Break trip to Europe. After leaving Cologne, we took our last train ride to Amsterdam, where we checked into a hotel a bit on the outskirts of the city. But it was well connected by these trolley/train things that were actually pretty fun to ride once we figured the system out! It did take us a bit of time to figure out the metro etc., but by the end of the trip we were pretty proficient at it.

Our first day we wanted to do a few things, but what with it taking awhile to figure out transport etc, we didn’t even have “lunch” until very late. Instead, we just spent the first day walking around and making a plan for the next day’s activities.

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“lunch” which was closer to “dinner”

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By the time we hit this street market, it was already closing up, but there were lots of birds to take pictures of!

 photo DSC_4501.jpg
Walking around

 photo DSC_4515.jpg  photo DSC_4516.jpg
Pancake snacks

So the second day we started off with The Heineken Experience, then a Canal Boat ride. The Heineken Experience was much like other beer museums we’ve gone to, but it was fun. The boat ride was a bit of a disappointment just because it was ridiculously hot in the boat, which was uncomfortable, and it was hard to take pictures of anything through the glass. But it was still a nice view to see around the city. It was also a kind of take-it-easy day, since after that we had dinner and just did more walking around.

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Heineken Experience

 photo DSC_4524.jpg  photo DSC_4528.jpg  photo DSC_4544.jpg
Pics from that

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Heineken has Shire horses, Budweiser uses Clysdales. And a Kenji.

 photo DSC_4562.jpg  photo DSC_4573.jpg  photo DSC_4596.jpg  photo DSC_4599.jpg
Canal cruising. Also note it was very overcast that day

The second main day in Amsterdam was much fuller. In the morning we hit the flower market and got souvenirs and omiyage to bring back to Japan. Then we went to the Van Gogh Museum (which was being renovated, so most of the collection was in the Hermitage, which we then went to), and after walking around the Jordaan District we went back to the hotel for a break before going to dinner then the Red Light District to see it at sunset. We didn’t stay too long, and then headed back to the hotel to pack and get ready to leave.

Our flight was in the afternoon, but Kenji wanted to get a few more souvenirs, so we headed back into the main city area for a little shopping, before heading to the airport (where we did really last minute shopping!) and leaving for Japan.

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Nice morning and Delft pottery

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The Flower Market

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The Hermitage Museum and around, where the Van Gogh temporary exhibit was being held

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There were no pictures in the actual area

 photo DSC_4640.jpg  photo DSC_4645.jpg
Continuing on the the Jordaan area

 photo DSC_4647.jpg
More yummy mini pancakes!

 photo DSC_4653.jpg
Passing by the Anne Frank House

 photo DSC_4666.jpg  photo DSC_4667.jpg
As well as the Tulip and Cheese Museums!

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Buildings and the Main Train Station in the late afternoon/evening

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Dinner was Thai food

 photo DSC_4690.jpg  photo DSC_4704_2.jpg  photo IMG_0428_2.jpg  photo IMG_0432_2.jpg
Red Light District

 photo DSC_4706.jpg
And a final pic of a few souvenirs!

It was a fun trip, but it was so nice to go back home at the end of it!!