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On a Wednesday in June was my junior high school’s Sports Day. The weather started off a bit rainy, got somewhat cloudy/clear, then couldn’t decide what it wanted to do the latter half of the day, but overall despite the rain here and there it was a good day for sports! Also I took a good 1200 pictures, so I’m just going to choose a few random ones to post:

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Getting pumped up for the day

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Marching past the principal

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Starting the day with a ceremony, etc.

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Events included the usual track and field line-ups

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Like hurdles

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And sitting around waiting for your event to start

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Throughout the day the principal made sure to stay on top of handing out the awards for all the events

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One of my favorites is a take on the three-legged race

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And another favorite is jumprope

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One more time!

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Exhausted afterwards

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Jumproping under dark skies

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Finally the sports clubs competed in a relay against each other. It decided to rain again as well

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Felt a bit bad for brass band, they had to lug these around the track. All the kids banged them when they crossed the finish line though, which was entertaining!

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Finally, final award ceremony and clean up, and we were finished!