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June is the month of “tsuyu”, or the rainy season. It is a pretty wet month usually, but this year tsuyu came a bit late, so it is still pretty cloudy and rainy everyday. It is very pretty and green right now, though, and the hydrangea (ajisai) are in full bloom. Here are some random pictures from throughout the month:

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First up, this year I decided to make plum liquor (umeshuu) and plum syrup (ume juice) myself.

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Following instructions from youtube video, first I soaked and washed the plums well, took the stems out, then dried them.

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Then I cleaned the jars, layered the plums and sugar, poured in the vinegar and white liquor… and my camera batteries went out.

So I don’t have any pictures after that. When it is actually ready I will post pics again!!

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Some hydrangea (ajisai) pictures

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And an outing with my hoikuen students to go feed the fish at Tsuchi-to-hi-no-Sato. Shin was into it, Seina was grumpy!

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Finally got her laughing during snack time though!!