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Onishi Matsuri this year was my big festival for the summer, since I was going to miss Fujioka’s by going home for 3 weeks. So I was pretty excited about it. We went on Saturday this year, once in the morning to see my Onishi Hoikuen kids pull their dashi, and then again in the evening for the main event.

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Dashi in the morning

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Some of my teachers

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And kids

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Giving a speech

 photo DSC_7590.jpg
All the kids at the day care combined

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Coming back in the evening (Kenji’s picture)

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The dashi, most of my kids were playing instruments in them

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Jagabataa, or a baked potato with butter, salt, and corn. This is my NUMBER ONE FAVORITE festival food!

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Me looking slightly creepy eating it

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Saw lots of my kids and enjoyed the show, but left a bit early to avoid traffic

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And the poster