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Hi everyone! I just got back from my annual trip back to the US, and so I finally have some time to catch up on posting. First up is a short post from the beginning of July, featuring my city’s usual Tanabata decorations! Tanabata is the star festival (the name Tanabata literally means “7th night”) celebrating the story of two lovers doomed to be separated by the Milky Way for a whole year. The only night they can cross and reunite is Tanabata! Therefore many people consider it a lucky night, and write their wishes on strips of paper to tie to bamboo poles. My city decorates for the festival, and all the local schools make the decorations. It is a fun time!

 photo DSC_7529.jpg  photo DSC_7533.jpg  photo DSC_7537.jpg  photo KJM_9988.jpg
Some of the decorations around town

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A small local park was the setting for a few food stalls

 photo DSC_7532.jpg
A listing of events

 photo DSC_7534.jpg  photo KJM_9986.jpg
A few more decorations up close

 photo KJM_9996.jpg  photo KJM_9998.jpg
Grabbing some roasted corn, yum!

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And one more!

That is the only Tanabata event we did this year, so it was small but fun! (Some of those are Kenji’s pictures btw… he gets annoyed if I don’t credit him)