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Before leaving we asked a friend of ours who recently moved to Houston if he wanted anything from Japan before we left. He replied, “bring me omamori please!” I guess his time in Houston hasn’t been very good, and he wanted a good luck charm from a shrine in Japan.

Although there are a lot of shrines around to get omamori, we decided to make a trip of it and head up the mountain to one of my favorite shrines ever, Haruna Jinja.

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The entrance to Haruna Jinja

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Kenji at the gate

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A torii gate leading to a path, and a big-bellied buddha line the paths up to the main part of the shrine

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There are also a few restaurants/gift shops

 photo DSC_7685.jpg
The big pavilion is under construction

 photo DSC_7689.jpg  photo DSC_7695.jpg
But the buildings along the stairs and waterfall are fine!

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The main shrine area

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Haruna jinja has some fantastic carvings all over the buildings, though they are faded a bit

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Bells and brass

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Down to the river for some more pictures

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Flowers and butterflies and dragonflies too!

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Coming back to the gate

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Then we drove to the lake area

 photo DSC_7780.jpg  photo DSC_7781.jpg
I always like to watch the paddle boats here!

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Grabbed some udon, then headed home

That weekend was also the Tamamura fireworks, which we can see from our roof, so I took a few pictures and videos:

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