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Splitting the posts from my US Trip this summer up, since they are going to be pretty huge. Lots of pictures coming up…

Anyway, so, US Trip! The day before we left, we got a call from Kenji’s Aunt in Kanagawa… Kenji’s grandmother had fallen and hit her head, and the diagnosis was not looking good. After calling his parents and talking it over, and many phone calls later, we decided that I would head directly to Texas while Kenji postponed his flight to Seattle. She stabilized while I was on my way to the US, so Kenji went to Seattle soon after, and came to Texas a week later. My first few days in Texas were relaxing, and I spent them with Mom and Mason in Houston shopping and eating and just enjoying the time.

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The only picture I took during that time, of cajun food. Whoops.

When Kenji came, I picked him up and headed for Austin, and the next day, we all went out to Dad’s cabin in Wimberley. My grandparent’s also came in, so it was a bit crowded, but nice! …And then I caught a cold, so I spent the entire time sniffling and sneezing and snotty. Fun times.

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The very first thing we did was stop at Rudy’s BBQ! Then we headed to Austin.

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BBQ at Dad’s

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Eating lunch in Wimberley before heading to the cabin

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The cabin, outside and in

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Uncle Kyle and his family lives just up the hill, so they were over for dinner and lunch the next day!

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Grilling out on the porch!

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Out on the hammock trying not to infect anybody else

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In the mornings especially, but really all day, there were tons of deer around. Kenji especially enjoyed the chance to take some pictures of them!

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We had a private area on the river, so we went and did paddle boarding and swimming the next day, along with a picnic

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Taking pictures by the river

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I like this one!

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Around town in Wimberley for drinks and dinner

 photo DSC_8057.jpg  photo DSC_8067.jpg  photo DSC_8074.jpg
And we found a nice pretty area to take pictures at

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Then it was back to Austin for a little while longer since Kenji was around… we met friends for dinner and drinks in Hyde Park, as well as sightseeing in Austin a little. Then we headed back to Houston for a night before dropping Kenji off at the airport for his flight back to Seattle.

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Doubletree in Austin

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Hat shopping and the capitol again

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And UT!

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Doug and Elissa at Hyde Park Bar & Grill

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And a flight of beer afterward

Then it was time for Enchanted Rock! It was SO hot, but I really enjoyed climbing. It was fun to see it again!

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Getting gas on the way

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Enchanted Rock State Park

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Getting ready for a climb

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Many many pictures

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Snack time

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I like the one of Kenji!

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Tadpoles in the only tiny pool of water at the very very top… I wonder if they survived?

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One of Kenji’s cool pictures

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Another break

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BBQ in Llano afterward. Kenji: “do you think they have a salad?” Me: “uhh…. do pickles and coleslaw count?”

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Around Llano

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Back in Houston at the Battleship Texas

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I think he enjoyed himself!