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Kenji and I picked up Mary and had lunch on the way to the airport, then from there Mary and I went straight to Newton. We spent the weekend there, then headed back to Houston where we went around Beaumont and to Galveston, before I had to catch my flight to Seattle.

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We were the first to arrive, so we killed some time waiting for others by picking cantaloupe

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Mandy and the new baby arrive

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Cooking hamburgers

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And roughhousing outside

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More cooing over the baby (mostly by mom)

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Dunno what that look is for..

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Fishing, from which I have a hilarious video of Kasey screaming bloody murder and flinging her fish at me when she got one for the first time!

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Picking beans with Cody

We said goodbye to family and headed home with a few… stops.

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Aunt Monie’s grave in Westlake (of course)

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The first rest stop after crossing into Texas

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Cainz chicken at a mall in Beaumont

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The largest working fire hydrant in the US, also in Beaumont

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And the Energy Museum which was actually just all about oil.

And the next day we went to Galveston to hit the beach

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Galveston beach

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Are we eating the hermit crab?

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Visitor’s Bureau

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The Strand

So that was my Texas trip! See everybody next year!