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After flying into Seattle, on our first full day we went downtown for some sightseeing, and to see the new Chihuly Museum and art exhibit underneath the Space Needle. It was truly breathtakingly gorgeous, and I was really happy we got the opportunity to see it! We then went to the waterfront area to walk around a bit and ride the ferris wheel.

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Space Needle

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Chihuly Exhibit

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Each “room” had a theme going, and I think this one represented a forest?

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This room was Navaho-inspired pieces

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This one was one of my favorite rooms, ocean-themed with the main piece in the middle, and more toned-down but no less beautiful pieces around the edges of the room

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The Venetian Ceiling

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This room was probably the biggest and most fantastic, looking like a landscape on a distant alien planet!

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Boats and buoys, this room was Japanese-inspired

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His famous chandeliers series

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And lanterns

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Then we went outside…

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Which was just as fantastic as inside, with the added bonus of working with the landscaping, which delighted me to no end!

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I seriously took WAY TOO MANY pictures!

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Leaving the museum and heading to the waterfront

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Riding the ferris wheel

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iPhone panoramic pics

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Chowder and fish snack

We rested a bit more, and then the next day went to the Olympic National Park, which will be in the next post.