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After hiking Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens, next on my “want to go” list was Washington’s Olympic National Park, across the sound by ferry and at the North Western-most point in the US. Olympic has everything… mountains, lakes, rainforests, and ocean areas, so it is a really rich area with lots to do. There was no way we could see everything, but I think the things we picked were good choices, and really enjoyed it!

We started the day at a not-too-early hour by hopping the ferry and grabbing lunch. Then it was a bit of driving to reach our hotel for the night in Port Angeles, and after checking in and getting some maps from the Visitor’s Bureau, we went up to Hurricane Ridge for some hiking and views to get our mountain fix.

After a few hours there (and starving!), we went back to Port Angeles for some Thai food, walked around a bit, then went back to the hotel for a bit of a sleepless night unfortunately. Oh well!

After breakfast on day 2, we went to Merrymere falls through a bit of rainforest, and after lunch headed to the coast to hit the Northwestern-most point. Coming back was a bit of a drive since it wasn’t broken up, and we got dinner and got back on the ferry pretty late. We returned in the evening and got some much-needed sleep!

Then it was another day or two of resting, then back to Japan!

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Parked on the ferry

 photo DSC_8838.jpg  photo DSC_8836.jpg  photo DSC_8846.jpg  photo KJM_0914.jpg
Leaving Seattle behind

 photo DSC_8849.jpg  photo DSC_8850.jpg
A cute place offered a coffee stop, and a great store and garden right next to it. The Lavender latte was delicious!

 photo DSC_8856.jpg
Our motel for the night

 photo DSC_8860.jpg  photo DSC_8861.jpg  photo DSC_8868.jpg
Wildlife and trees on the way up to Hurricane Ridge

 photo DSC_8873.jpg  photo DSC_8886.jpg
Some first views and checking in

 photo DSC_8890.jpg  photo DSC_8902.jpg
More wildlife

 photo DSC_8903.jpg  photo DSC_8922.jpg  photo DSC_8915.jpg  photo DSC_8923.jpg
 photo DSC_8932.jpg  photo DSC_8942.jpg  photo DSC_8968.jpg  photo DSC_8978.jpg
 photo DSC_8958.jpg  photo DSC_8965.jpg

 photo DSC_8997.jpg  photo DSC_9009.jpg  photo DSC_9035.jpg
Can’t remember the name of the bird… Blue Grouse? Or something like that

 photo DSC_9028.jpg
More deer. There were a lot of deer on this trip.

 photo DSC_9055.jpg  photo DSC_9062.jpg  photo DSC_9059.jpg
Back in Port Angeles, Kenji makes a friend (“Bob”)

 photo DSC_9068.jpg  photo DSC_9069.jpg
 photo DSC_9071.jpg  photo DSC_9082.jpg  photo DSC_9084.jpg
Thai food and sunsets

 photo DSC_9085.jpg  photo DSC_9086.jpg
The next morning was a bit cloudy, but the weather changed many times during the day

 photo DSC_9104.jpg  photo DSC_9108.jpg  photo DSC_9150.jpg  photo DSC_9154.jpg  photo DSC_9158.jpg
 photo DSC_9117.jpg  photo DSC_9120.jpg  photo DSC_9156.jpg  photo DSC_9166.jpg
Walking to the waterfall

 photo DSC_9185.jpg  photo DSC_9195.jpg
 photo DSC_9205.jpg  photo DSC_9207.jpg
Merrymere Waterfall

 photo DSC_9244.jpg  photo DSC_9250.jpg  photo DSC_9257.jpg  photo DSC_9259.jpg
The pretty turquoise lake

 photo DSC_9267.jpg  photo DSC_9277.jpg  photo DSC_9299.jpg  photo KJM_1000.jpg
 photo DSC_9283.jpg  photo DSC_9287.jpg  photo DSC_9302.jpg
And the misty rainforest walk on the way to the point

 photo KJM_1096.jpg  photo KJM_1100.jpg
A few of me

 photo KJM_1098.jpg
We saw bigfoot (It’s not really bigfoot)

 photo DSC_9305.jpg  photo DSC_9310.jpg  photo DSC_9314.jpg  photo DSC_9319.jpg  photo DSC_9321.jpg  photo DSC_9335.jpg  photo DSC_9327.jpg
It was SUPER misty, but really pretty!

 photo DSC_9356.jpg  photo DSC_9347.jpg  photo DSC_9361.jpg
The Northwestern-most point in the continental US

 photo DSC_9383.jpg
Banana slug

 photo DSC_9390.jpg  photo DSC_9391.jpg
Much later, back on the ferry

So that’s the end of my US trip. I had a good time!