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Combining a few posts into one…

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In the last few days of August, I started at my new school Higashi. It is actually my second time to teach there, the first time being the school year of 2009-2010. The students, and some of the teachers, are new, but the layout and other things are the same, so it is a bit different than I’m used to. Anyway, I had a short speech in front of the school the first day, then after a few days of testing, went straight into my introductory lessons.

 photo DSC_9661.jpg
Higashi students

 photo DSC_9662.jpg
Giving my speech

 photo DSC_9667.jpg
Principal’s speech

 photo DSC_9669.jpg
Higashi school song

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The next school event is the Fujioka-Tano English Oratorical Contest, a major event for every JHS ALT in the city. My kids didn’t do great this year, but they worked really hard and I was really proud of them! Also, I knew kids from 3 different schools, so it was nice to see old faces.

 photo DSC_9718.jpg
A third grader from Higashi

 photo DSC_9701.jpg
My old first grader from Onishi, who did a GREAT job!

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A third grader from Kita, who I know both from school and also from ECC

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The award ceremony

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My current school, Higashi, out of which only the one second grader, Kansei, got an “excellent” prize

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My previous school, Onishi, where the first and third grader both got “excellent” prizes!

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Lastly, a few days after the speech contest, Kenji and I took a short trip out to nearby Kamikawa to take pictures of the Higanbana that line the roadway. These bright flowers herald the oncoming cooler weather of fall.

 photo DSC_9748.jpg  photo DSC_9757.jpg  photo DSC_9772.jpg
 photo DSC_9777.jpg  photo DSC_9781.jpg  photo DSC_9790.jpg
Out by the roadside

 photo DSC_9750.jpg  photo DSC_9752.jpg
Two of my favorite pictures of the set

 photo DSC_9743.jpg  photo DSC_9787.jpg
Higanbana always grow in clumps, and along this road they grow in three lines. They must have been planted like that once…

 photo DSC_9789.jpg

 photo DSC_9796.jpg
Higanbana and motorcycle

 photo IMG_0639.jpg

And a quick picture coming home from my koto class… so happy fall is coming!